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Fairgrounds Development Information

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March 24, 2008

Dear Members of Santa Clara Valley Gem and Mineral Society,

The following letter was approved by our 2008 Board of Directors in response to a request for an introduction to our club from the Morley Bros. during an initial community outreach session. The letter, including a list of high level requirements for a new venue, was submitted to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, county and city officials and other interested parties associated with this project. We were pleased to hear that our list of requirements was adopted by the county as a benchmark in developing requirements for a new facility.

The Board of Director's also approved an internal committee, the Fairgrounds Response Committee (FRC), to follow the progress of the proposed redevelopment and provide input as to our needs during this discovery phase and continuing during the life of the project. Chris Cherry is the point person on this committee. To remain consistent with our information, I have asked Chris to field any questions regarding the club and the Fairgrounds. Email can be sent to the FRC at

Since our Annual Show will be held at the fairgrounds in April, the Board of Directors felt that it would be prudent to keep members informed by posting this letter to our website. The FRC will continue to provide input as part of the fairgrounds development process. We hope to continue our use of the fairgrounds in the coming years, and hopefully obtain additional access to the facilities for club use year round..

Please read the following letter to gain a better understanding of the club's needs and requests in regards to future use of the Fairgrounds.

Thank you,

Randy Harris