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SCVGMS Glossary

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This glossary covers some of the common jargon you may hear at the club meetings or read in the Breccia. If you have other words/phrases that you think should be here, or that you've heard and wondered as to the meaning - please send email to the webmaster to have it included here (

Individual competition is frequently done in some of the study groups. The Cutaways often assign a type of material the members will complete of a stone of their design for the next meeting. The stones are collected and given to an anonymous judge for critiquing. The following meeting the critique sheets are returned with the stone. Judging is based upon the AFMS Rules system.
Annual Show: Individual cabochons and faceted stones, carvings and pieces of jewelry are often entered into competition at the annual show. CFMS judges are used to critique according to the AFMS Rules. Trophies and/or certificates are given for the winning entry. Individual cases can be entered into competition at this show using the entry categories provided by the AFMS Rules system. These are then judged per the AFMS Rules to determine the winning entries.

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