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SCVGMS Kids Area
58th Annual Rock and Gem Show

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Kids Area - Kids can earn a patch and get a beginning rock collection by visiting this area. Special programs and fliers (below) for Cub Scouts and Webelos.

NEW PROGRAM FOR GIRL SCOUTS: "The Geology to Jewelry Patch program." Daisies to Ambassadors can earn this patch. The program includes a memory wire bracelet kit, rock bag with 5 specimens, program activity guide, and this year "Geology to Jewelry" patch. The program is designed to be age appropriate, and because the patch changes each year can be done as a yearly outing. This program can only be completed at our annual show. The memory wire bracelet kit can be done at the show or as a future project at an upcoming meeting after the show.

Advance registration is for scouting groups. Advance registration is recommended groups of 3 or more children. Please note that some time slots fill up quickly and the earlier you purchase your group's wristbands, the greater likelihood you will get your preferred time slot. It is recommended that you indicate more than one time slot on your order form, using the numbers 1-3 (with number 1 being for the most preferred time slot).

Individual children and groups less than 4 children are requested to purchase their tickets in person at the Kids Area. In the past we have been able to get individual children and small groups of children into the Kids Area without much delay.

Annual Rock and Gem Show Kids Area Flyers

SCVGMS show badge

Each child will receive a Kids Area patch with their admission to the Kids Area.
Kids Area
Boy Scouts
can earn their Geology Merit Badge in a day (February 23, 2013). Deadline to sign-up is January 31, 2013.
Cub Scouts
can earn their Geology belt loop and academic pin.
can earn their Geologist pin, Geology belt loop and Geology academic pin.
Girl Scouts
can earn their "Geology to Jewelry" Patch.

Earliest Registration Deadline: March 31, 2013 (Check flyer for exact deadline)
Frequently Asked Questions

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