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SCVGMS Kids Area
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Kids Area?
The Kids Area is a small portion of the Santa Clara Valley Gem and Mineral Society's Annual Gem and Mineral Festival (formerly our annual show) where children can participate in fun educational activities while learning about geology, rocks, gems, and minerals. The Kids Area has special programs for:
  • Cub Scout - Wolf: Collections and Hobbies Adventure. This is the new Cub Scout program for Wolves. There will be all the necessary components to complete this adventure at the Kids Area and our annual Gem and Mineral Festival. See flier for more information.
  • Cub Scout - Webelos: Earth Rocks! Adventure. This is the new Cub Scout program for Webelos. There will be all the necessary components to complete this adventure at the Kids Area and our annual Gem and Mineral Festival. See flier for more information.
  • Girl Scouts - Daisies through Ambassadors - "Geology to Jewelry" Patch. This is a newer program where each age group of girls has a particular number of activities to complete at our annual event to earn our event patch. In addition to earning the patch, each girl will receive a memory wire bracelet kit and a rock bag with five specimens to begin their rock collection. See flier for more information.
Who can sign up in advance?
Scout troops, packs, and dens. If you are using this event as a family outing for your scout troop, you may sign up siblings with your group. The fees for siblings are on the sign up form. If siblings are signed up in advance with your group, they will receive a worksheet, rock bag with five specimens, and a Kids Area patch. Please indicate on your signup form how many siblings you are paying for with your scout group so that your group's registration packet is assembled correctly.
If your group is a mix of different scouting groups (ie. Girl Scouts, Cub scouts or Webelos), please use the Girl Scout form for the girl scout and the Cub Scout Wolf form for the Wolf, and Cub Scout Webelos form for the Webelos. Mail in the forms together in the same envelope. If you use two or three forms and mailing them together, you only need to pay the shipping and handling fee once (as long as all orders are being sent to the same address). Each form has an area to indicate the number of siblings included with your group. If you have questions or problems completing your group's sign up form, please call June Harris at (831) 438-5150 or email her at .
Do I have to sign up my group in advance?
You don't have to sign up in advance, but please be aware that groups who have signed up and paid in advance will be allowed entrance into the Kids Area before any groups who did not sign up in advance. In past years we have regularly had 500-800 children per day participate in the Kids Area, and about 90-95% were signed up in advance. We anticipate similar numbers in 2016. Advance registration will ensure that your group will get a event patch, rock bag, beginning rock collection, and appropriate paperwork. Girl Scout group who are signed up in advance will get a memory wire bracelet kit, too. By signing up your group in advance, you will receive one free adult festival admission ticket for each three Kids Area tickets that you purchase in advance.
If I sign up my group in advance, do they have to attend the Kids Area as a group, all at the same time?
YES! Advance registration is exclusively for larger groups who will be attending the festival and the Kids Area on the same day at the same time. The wristbands are good for one day and one time slot only. Please be on time. Kids Area wristbands are not refundable and not exchangeable. Please check your schedule prior to purchasing your tickets.
How do the time slots work?
Each group that signs up in advance will be assigned a time slot according to availability. You are requested to indicate your preference in the time slots. I suggest that you number the time slots that you would be able to attend (1 - most desirable, 2 - second most desirable, 3 - third most desirable, etc.). If you choose only one time slot and it is full, your check and sign up form will be returned to you with our regrets. Numbering time slots enables our registrar to possibly place you in another desired time slot with room for your group. The earlier you sign up, the greater the likelihood of getting your desired timeslot.
How can I sign up my group in advance?
Click on the link to the type of flier(s) for your group on the Kids Area page. Download it to your computer and print it. Complete the entire form and write a check to SCVGMS for the amount that is due. Mail the form and check to:
SCVGMS Kids Area
107 Dell Way
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
A confirmation letter with your groups wristbands will be sent to you via US mail.
How long does it take to complete one of the Scout programs in the Kids Area?
Below are the average amounts of time it takes to complete each program's worksheet. Please be aware that younger Scouts often need adult help to complete their requirements for their adventure, patch, or pin.
Cub Scout - Wolf: Collections and Hobbies Adventure 1 - 1.5 hours (New Program)
Webelos: Earth Rocks! Adventure 1.5 - 2 hours (New Program)
Girl Scouts "Geology to Jewelry" patch: 1 - 2.5 hours depending on the girl's interests and age group. Older girls have more work to complete than the younger girls. Many groups have chosen to spend half a day at the festival to experience more activities.
Can our group visit the rest of the gem and mineral festival?
Yes, there are many things for your group to experience and see. This festival is very family-friendly, with many things to interest all age groups. Part of the Girl Scout Geology to Jewelry patch involves visiting other areas of our festival.
What else is there to do at the festival?
You are invited to visit our club's scholarship booth where, for a small fee, you can spin a wheel to win a prize or perhaps have a geode cut open and be the first person to ever see the inside; examine some extraordinary display cases: visit several of our lapidary arts demonstrators and possibly develop a new hobby; see a flintknapper at work, learn how to pan for gold, listen to engaging speakers on a variety of topics during every day of the festival; and take a stroll through the world of rocks, minerals, gemstones, beads, fossils, and jewelry while visiting our exemplary festival dealers.
Should our kids bring extra money to the festival?
It is not required, but many children like to visit the rest of the festival and take home a souvenir of their choosing. Many of our vendors have some small treasures for inexpensive prices. Our club has its scholarship booth with a variety of activities and projects for children of all ages at affordable prices.
Are there any food concessions available for lunch or snacks?
There are food concessions at the festival. They are run by the fairgrounds and tend to be expensive. Outside food is prohibited on the fairground's property. The only exception to the rule is for health reasons.
Is the festival handicap accessible?
We make every effort to make our festival accessible for everyone. If you have particular questions, send email to the address below.
Further questions- Email June Harris, Kids Area Coordinator, at