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54th Annual SCVGMS Rock and Gem Show
Demonstrator List

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Flint Knapping: Donna Kelley will be demonstrating the lost art of flint knapping in the Pavilion building throughout the show. Stop by and watch this master flint knapper create an arrowhead.

Mineral and Rock Identification: Jim Hutchings, a member of the Roseville Gem and Mineral Society, will be identifying mystery rocks. He will use the traditional methods of identification, along with a computer database, as well as his vast knowledge of the subject to indentify specimen.

Antique Silver Evaluations: Bring your old silver and other antiques for a free evaluation by Steve Yvaska, author of "The Seasoned Collector", the weekly column in the House and Home section of the San Jose Mercury News. Steve Yvaska will give a 30 minute program entitled, "The Six Factors That Determine the Value of Antiques and Collectibles" beginning at 11am on Friday and Sunday in the Town Hall. Following each program, he will be available for informal evaluations until 1pm.

NOTE: LIMIT OF ONE ITEM evaluated per person.
DO NOT BRING THE ITEMS LISTED BELOW FOR EVALUATION: firearms, fine art, precious gems, coins or stamps as these are very specialized fields and cannot be evaluated

Bead Weaving: Cheri George, a member of the Palmdale Gem and Mineral Club, will be demonstrating bead weaving.

Jade Carving: Skip Stange, a member of the San Francisco Gem and Mineral Society, will be demonstrating the art of jade carving.

Cabochon Making: JT Fuller, a member of the Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society, will be demonstrating how to make and polish a cabochon.

Gemstone Faceting: Members of the Santa Clara Valley Gem and Mineral Society will be demonstrating how a gemstone rough is turned into a thing of beauty.